Sidon, South Lebanon, 2005: A Narguileh goes by many names; Hookahs, Narghile, Shishas, Chillum, Argilah, Nargeela…bongs! … Its variations and use spread from India and Nepal, through to Persia and the Middle East; North Africa, Turkey, Greece, the Balkans; Spain.. the USA…             Canon EOS D30/Sigma 17-35 Advertisements

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Lake Kohangapiripiri, Wellington, New Zealand 2008. Lake Kohangapiripiri translates in Maori as a nest clinging very strongly. It was formed after the valley became blocked from the nearby sea by earthquakes lifting the coastal area. It is unique in being one of New Zealand’s last relatively unspoiled wetlands.  Photina Twin Lens Reflex / Fuji Reala […]

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Jerusalem, Israel, 2005: Meanwhile in another part of town a serious battle was taking place- over a backgammon board…  Canon EOS  1N/Canon 28-135is

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Jerusalem, Israel, 2005: In the mens section of the Western (or Wailing wall) initiations were taking place- of which there seemed to be some confusion…  Canon EOS 1N/Canon EF 28-135is

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Battery Park

Manhattan, New York,  2004: Touched down at JFK near midnight local time after an 18hr trek from Auckland via LAX. Mid summer NZ to mid-winter New York hit hard while having cig outside. Grabbed a shuttle into town with a big and loud Jamaican man who blasted reggae at max on his system. The next […]

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Palermo notte

Palermo, Sicily, 2004: Even though the bad old days of Palermo had passed, it was still a pretty tense place in 2004.  Struggled to find a place for a drink but eventually found what seemed to be the only sign of life in Palermo at night.  Grabbed this shot with an Olympus XA2 set on […]

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Athens DX

Athens, Greece, 2005: An accidental double exposure occasionally creates something completely random…   Canon EOS 55/Canon 28-135is/E6

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