Kau Point

Kau Point, Miramar Peninsular, Wellington, NZ, Nov 2011:  Kau Point Battery is a gun emplacement in Wellington’s inner harbour. It was originally built in the late nineteenth century in preparation for the invasion of the (“white fleet”) Russian Navy. It was still in use during the 1st World War but decomissioned soon after. It’s the […]

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Wellington, October 2011:  Spotted this random pair of footwear while street-shooting the other week. Someone obviously thought they required downsizing…   Canon EOS 30D/18-55is 

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Bad Education

Petone, Wellington NZ, Sept 2011:  The former Petone College has been abandoned since 1998. It’s an eyesore that has to be seen, to be believed…  A full scale high-school- graffitied and decaying, with no hope of redemption…   Canon 30D/18-55is  

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Wellington, NZ, lastnight:  Fort Buckley was one of five forts constructed in 1885 around Port Nicholson (Wellington Harbour) to protect the capital from the threat of the expanding Russian Empire. Wellington had no defences at all, yet had the national gold reserve in the vaults of the Bank Of New Zealand. Check out Darkhalide for […]

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Hand Of

Karori, Wellington, NZ;  Karori Cemetary circa 2008/9.  Fuji Velvia cross processed. The hand of Jesus is missing on a statue in Karori cemetary.  I was there at the behest of Darkhalide. For some unconnected and unknown reason, I really got the spooks that night … Canon EOS 1N/75-300/Fuji Velvia 50 Xprocess  

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Brussels, Belgium, 2004:  The inner sanctum of the “Atomium”-  see earlier post.  It still had that futuristic/utopian look- albeit the worse for wear in 2004. Later I discovered it had been closed and renovated in 2005, and now looks all flash. Canon EOS A2E/28-105

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Wellington, New Zealand, 2010:  Pigeons are part of the bird family Columbidae. They are an incredibly adaptable bird, having now colonised most parts of the world. They are also considered a plague in many cities- “rat’s with wings” being a common description. The “half-frame camera” emerged from Japan in the 1960s.  It allowed for a […]

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