Sicily, Italy, 2004: Selinunte was one of the more important of the Greek colonies in Sicily. However, being the most westerly colony, it also came into contact and catastrophe early on with the Carthaginians and the native Sicilians in the west and northwest of the island- in particular Segesta. Founded around 628 BC, at its peak […]

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Two Years

Ragusa, Sicily, 2004:  I started this website/blog as a half-hearted outlet for all the images I’d accumulated over the past decade or so…  Two years later….. 24,432 hits, 291 posts, 51 categories, 627 tags, 269 comments and 930 images later…..  I’m still going…. So in a celebration of sorts I’m going to do a re-post […]

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Cabo de São Vicente, Portugal, 1998: The south-western most point of Europe- formerly known as the “end of the Earth”… Biked out there from Sagres, to the place many famous “discoverers” allegedly looked out from…Vasco de Gama, Magellan, and even Columbus himself.. Mamiya ZE/50

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San Vito

San Vito lo Capo, Sicily, 2004: Keeping with the unintentional theme of “transport”… some bikes lined up in the North Western town of San Vito lo Capo.  Spot the bright pink Fiat in the background.  This part of Sicily is mafia central and incredibly scenic…   Canon EOS 1N/28-135is

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Palermo notte

Palermo, Sicily, 2004: Even though the bad old days of Palermo had passed, it was still a pretty tense place in 2004.  Struggled to find a place for a drink but eventually found what seemed to be the only sign of life in Palermo at night.  Grabbed this shot with an Olympus XA2 set on […]

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