Wellington, 2014-15: Some random double exposures shot on 35mm transparency film (in 2 cameras), then cross processed- hence the triple(x) exposure title. Straight out of the camera- no edits. Camera’s: Olympus XA & Yashica Electro 35 CC    Film: Fuji Velvia 100F

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Wellington, New Zealand, January 2015:  There was a “Birdman” competition on hosted by commercial radio station ZMFM- but the action at the nearby Taranaki Wharf jumping ramp was way more fun… From Those “down with the kids” have been on and around this great piece of urban design all summer long. At this key […]

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An accidental double exposure in camera- results in a rather interesting self portrait.    Olympus XA / Ilford XP2


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Photon II

Wellington, NZ, 2012: Double exposures captured in camera on a twenty-dollar toy camera called the “Photon“. One of many versions of the now famous Diana, the Photon sports a “Superior” f/8 lens with only one shutter speed of 1/50th of a second. Infamous for their dubious construction, soft focus, light leaks and vignetting, they are also celebrated for their abstract, impressionistic and artistic results. The Photon seems to be one of the more obscure variants to be produced by the fantastically named “Great Wall Plastic Factory” of Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Photon II 0Photon II 1Photon II 2Photon II 3Photon II 4Photon II 5

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On the Bus

Wellington, NZ, Jan 2013: The view from the bus at the beginning of the year… Captured on the classic mini rangefinder- the Olympus XA, using Ilford HP5 Black & White film- hand developed (badly) by yours truly…

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Manners St

Wellington, January 2013: While waiting for the bus one day, I took a series of pigeon ground level pictures. This was from way back in January, only recently getting around to hand developing the film (Ilford HP5). The camera was a venerable Olympus XA.

Manners2 Manners6 Manners5

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NZ, Feb 2012:  Some images shot on the streets of Wellington back in February… These are part of a series I’m going to call “twenty dollar camera”-  because, you guessed it-  they were made on a camera I purchased for around $20 or less. The camera in question is a Ricoh R1. It’s light, low […]

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