Belgrade, Serbia, 2002:  The Yugoslav Ministry of Defence building in Belgrade was considered a masterpiece of post-war architecture. It was bombed along with many other “strategic” buildings in Belgrade and elsewhere in The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the 1999 Nato bombing campaign.Most of the major bridges across the Danube in Serbia were also targeted, […]

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Belgrade, Serbia, 2002:  Found these unexploded missiles and bombs (UXO) whilst wandering around the grounds of the Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade.  The Nato bombing of Kosovo and Serbia three years prior (March-June 1999) successfully forced the Yugoslav military to retreat from Kosovo, preventing another atrocity like Bosnia.   Canon EOS 100/28-105/Kodak Tri-X  

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Belgrade, Serbia, 2002. This railway man was literally, looking over his shoulder… it made me feel paranoid.  Had I been followed?   Probably, since I felt like-  looked like- and possibly was the only tourist in town…      Canon EOS 5/Sigma 28-105

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