East Slavonia, Croatia, 2002:  On the road to Vukovar, the most devastated city in Europe since World War II. The Balkan’s version of Stalingrad. I was just about to end up in a rather difficult situation…  See what happened next…      Olympus XA2  

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Split, Dalmatia, Croatia. 2002:  1 Dalmatian, make that 2… You know what they say about a dog and its owner…?    Canon  EOS 100/28-105mm

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Zardar Wedding

Zardar, Croatia, 2002: Had a quiet time in Zardar on the Dalmatian coast- the most excitement being a passing wedding car convoy blasting their horns…   Canon EoS 100/75-300mm

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Vukovar, Croatia, 2002: Vukovar was utterly destroyed after a three month seige against the mostly Croat defenders by the Serb-dominated Yugoslav Army (JNA) in November 1991. Some estimates are that Serb gunners fired a million shells into Vukovar destroying 15,000 buildings. It was the first European city since WWII entirely leveled to the ground, it […]

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Sphinx of Zardar

Zardar, Croatia, 2002. Spotted this sphinx in the front yard of a neglected mansion.  On closer inspection,  it was obvious this sphinx had no Pharohs face and was definately not popular with the locals. Perhaps it’s supposed to be Marshall Tito’s face, or another hero of Yugoslavia? Or more likely, it’s just the vain previous […]

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