Horowhenua, NZ, Sept 2012:  There’s not a lot of information freely available about Marycrest, a former catholic girls’ “rehabilitation” school at Te Horo on the Kapiti Coast. From what I can ascertain, it was founded in 1953 by Sister Mary Teresa Kennedy and Mary St Finton of the French based Good Shepherd Sisters. According to researcher Roscoe […]

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Lake A

Lake Alice, Rangitikei NZ, Sept 2012:  Another drive-by the infamous Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital. I was watched closely by a number of people on the site, but with the aid of a telephoto lens grabbed a few long range shots. Most of the buildings seem to be gone or in the process of being demolished. […]

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The Clinic Film

Apologies, I’ve been a bit quiet here lately… the reason being my notebook had a bit of a meltdown-  the keyboard malfunctioned entirely and was rendered useless. Luckily it was still under warranty and was repaired and returned today…  I finished this short video just prior to the keyboard issue. It’s mostly shot at a […]

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Foxton, Horowhenua, NZ, June2012:  An abandoned house I noticed while passing through Foxton. It’s seen better days and looks more suited to a horror film set-  ie. Hitchcocks infamous 1960 film Psycho.

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Manawatu, New Zealand, June 2012: An abandoned hall that I think was a small country school fifty years or so ago.. The sign says “enter at your own risk”, I don’t know what the risk is- but might have to find out next time I pass by…

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Taita, Wellington, NZ, last week:  I’ve noticed a few fire gutted houses around the place recently. Spotted the remains of this place last week. A quick google search (confirmed by google maps), found that police suspect this house had been burgled prior to being set alight….  

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Midhurst, Taranaki NZ, March 2012:  The neglected “Summit-Quinphos” building was a former Taranaki Dairy Company milk powder factory that operated for a brief time in the mid 1970’s. Current occupiers are unknown- the factory seems to be now only used to store fertiliser. The site was virtually abandoned when I dropped by in March…

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Taranaki, New Zealand, December 2011:  An old abandoned farmhouse near Pungarehu in Taranaki. This cottage has a lot of character-  and an interesting history for sure…

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