Battersea, London, 1999: Some exterior photos of the Battersea Powerstation– late 99. This iconic London structure is arguably the most recognisable face of British industrial architecture today. Famous for its Pink Floyd album cover (with the flying pig)- Battersea Powerstation is also a bit of an urban exploration mecca.

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Wellington, NZ, March 2013: Some HDR (High-dynamic-range) images I shot a few weeks ago- duly processed with recently aquired HDR software Photomatix, plus Lightroom…

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Powerstation: part II

New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand, Oct 2012:  The New Plymouth Powerstation sold this week. Port Taranaki and Methanex have jointly purchased the decomissioned powerplant for 24 million. This will enable Port Taranaki to expand it’s operations in dry goods and log exports, while Methanex can develop the area the methanol producer already currently owns. Port […]

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New Plymouth Powerstation, Taranaki, Oct 2012: The New Plymouth Powerstation was constructed in the early 1970’s to meet the rising demand for electricity in New Zealand. Upon completion in 1972, the Powerstation chimney was the tallest man made structure in NZ- standing at 198 metres. It contains over 16,000 tonnes of concrete, 1200 tonnes of reinforcing steel […]

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Patea, Taranaki NZ, Sept 2012: Revisited the abandoned Patea coolstore recently. At it’s height it stored and chilled cheeses from the area, and meat from the adjacent Patea Freezing works… Situated right on the bank of the Patea river, freight was loaded directly onto ships for national redistribution and export… At over a century old- […]

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South Taranaki, NZ, Aug 2012: Awatuna Dairy Factory- one of many that dot the Taranaki landscape. Before the advent of the milk tanker and the colossal Fonterra factory near Hawera, Whareroa, these milk factories were the lifeline of Taranaki dairy farmers. Spaced at roughly five miles apart, they allowed local farmers easy delivery of milk […]

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