Lake A

Lake Alice, Rangitikei NZ, Sept 2012:  Another drive-by the infamous Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital. I was watched closely by a number of people on the site, but with the aid of a telephoto lens grabbed a few long range shots. Most of the buildings seem to be gone or in the process of being demolished. […]

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Whanganui, New Zealand, Sept 2012:  This former Hospital and rest home in Wanganui was closed in 2003. The buildings remain in fairly good order despite spots of vandalism.  It’s quite a large facility with nice grounds and location right on the Whanganui river. It’s current status and future is unknown…

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PTA Pt.2

Patea, South Taranaki, NZ, March 2012:   More images from the doomed and now derelict Patea Hospital. It’s seems insane to me that a former health facility -that served the local community for a century- should be left to ruin and vandalism in such a humiliating and undignified manner.  See the first part here.

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The Clinic part 2

Newtown, Wellington NZ, March 2012: More images from “The Clinic’, now closed like many buildings in Wellington recently, due to being Earthquake Prone. The main building was originally constructed in 1910 as a nurses home for the adjacent infectious disease ward (later the Ewart Hospital). It has modest aesthetic value for its Arts and Crafts […]

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PTA Pt.1

Patea, Taranaki, NZ, December 2011:  The Historic former Patea Hospital (c.1880) still stands in it’s dilapidated state, 22 years after its closure. When the hospital finally closed its doors on December the 5th 1990, it had served the Patea District for over century.    Locals have been complaining for years about the eyesore, demanding the […]

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For Sale

Greytown, Wairarapa, NZ, April 2012: The long-derelict former Greytown Hospital is up for sale. Buildings on the historic 1.5 hectare site date back to 1890 and followed the old Florence Nightingale open-ward plan. Most of the asbestos has now been removed and the main building earthquake strengthened. The hospital (which closed in 1995) had originally […]

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The Clinic Pt.1

Wellington, NZ, March 2012: A former nurses home and later a ‘clinic’, this building is just another one of many recently condemned buildings around Wellington for being earthquake prone. No surprises really after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that devastated our South island Capital of Christchurch on February 22nd last year- claiming 185 lives… Canon EOS […]

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Villa 7

Porirua Hospital, Wellington NZ, yesterday:  “Villa 7″ was a building that formed part of the former “Porirua Lunatic Asylum”, as far as I can ascertain. Details are sketchy and its current owners are unknown, but are allegedly local Maori iwi…  

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Porirua Hospital Museum, Wellington NZ, today:  Visited the “Porirua Hospital Museum” today. It’s only open on Tuesdays from 1-4pm, I’ve been meaning to make an appointment for a while… The Museum is housed in the oldest surviving building of the former “Porirua Lunatic Asylum”, which held up to 1500 patients at its height in the […]

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