Hospitalized – part 3

Hawera, Taranaki, NZ, Dec 2011:  More images documenting the last days of the doomed Hawera Hospital. These were from my third visit to the derelict and semi-demolished former Hospital. Part 1 is here –  part 2 here…  Within a month it would be gone, without a trace…

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New Plymouth Powerstation, Taranaki, Oct 2012: The New Plymouth Powerstation was constructed in the early 1970’s to meet the rising demand for electricity in New Zealand. Upon completion in 1972, the Powerstation chimney was the tallest man made structure in NZ- standing at 198 metres. It contains over 16,000 tonnes of concrete, 1200 tonnes of reinforcing steel […]

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Patea, Taranaki NZ, Sept 2012: Revisited the abandoned Patea coolstore recently. At it’s height it stored and chilled cheeses from the area, and meat from the adjacent Patea Freezing works… Situated right on the bank of the Patea river, freight was loaded directly onto ships for national redistribution and export… At over a century old- […]

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South Taranaki, NZ, Aug 2012: Awatuna Dairy Factory- one of many that dot the Taranaki landscape. Before the advent of the milk tanker and the colossal Fonterra factory near Hawera, Whareroa, these milk factories were the lifeline of Taranaki dairy farmers. Spaced at roughly five miles apart, they allowed local farmers easy delivery of milk […]

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Hawera, Taranaki, NZ June 2012:  Turuturumokai is a former Maori pā (fortifified village) situated just outside the South Taranaki town of Hawera. Originally there were three pā linked together with a population of around 400 people. In the 16th century there was an attack on Turuturu Mokai by a neighbouring pa. They failed with grave consequences, […]

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PTA Pt.2

Patea, South Taranaki, NZ, March 2012:   More images from the doomed and now derelict Patea Hospital. It’s seems insane to me that a former health facility -that served the local community for a century- should be left to ruin and vandalism in such a humiliating and undignified manner.  See the first part here.

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Burnt Place

Hawera, Taranaki, NZ, June 2012: Another fire gutted building, this time in the town I grew up in, Hawera. The town has seen many major fires over the years, in pre-colonial times and during the early days of “Pakeha” settlement in particular. This led to the building of Hawera’s iconic concrete water tower. The Maori […]

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Midhurst, Taranaki NZ, March 2012:  The neglected “Summit-Quinphos” building was a former Taranaki Dairy Company milk powder factory that operated for a brief time in the mid 1970’s. Current occupiers are unknown- the factory seems to be now only used to store fertiliser. The site was virtually abandoned when I dropped by in March…

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