Rijeka, Croatia, 2002: I was only in Rijeka for a couple of days, but found it a great place for street shooting. Canon EOS 100/Canon EF 75-300mm

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Zardar Wedding

Zardar, Croatia, 2002: Had a quiet time in Zardar on the Dalmatian coast- the most excitement being a passing wedding car convoy blasting their horns…   Canon EoS 100/75-300mm

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Skopje , Republic of Macedonia, 2002:  The Vardar river flows through Skopje south to the Greek border and the Aegaen sea beyond… These cyclist’s look kinda sifty- like they really didn”t want their photo taken…               Canon EOS 100 / Sigma 28-105

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Novi Sad

Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia, 2002: I felt like the only tourist in town, I probably was… I was still recovering from the drilling I got at the border and deserved a treat, so I splashed out on a room in a hotel overlooking the square.  Is it me or does that statue look like it […]

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Red Bambina

Pula, Istria, Croatia, 2002: A bright red Fiat Bambina half fills a parking spot outside the fantastic Pula amphitheatre. The “Pula Arena” is the sole remaining Roman amphitheatre (27 BC -68 AD) to retain four side towers with all three architectural orders, and is also one of the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the […]

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Ljubljana, Slovenia,2002: At the tail end of winter 2002 I began a circular journey around the former Yugoslavia…  Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia was the first stop… It had began snowing as soon as the train had crossed the border from Trieste (Italy). Accomodation was difficult to find, but eventually I found a bed in […]

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red pier

Lake Ohrid, Macedonia, 2002: Placid Lake Ohrid in the south of Macedonia contrasted dramatically at the time with the in-house Albanian insurgency happening in the west- not to mention the situation next-door in Kosovo…    Canon EOS 100/Canon EF 75-300 USM III

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