Otago, New Zealand, Aug 2007: The Moeraki Boulders are large, spherical boulders lying along a stretch of Koekohe Beach in North Otago, New Zealand. Scattered along the coast, either as clusters or isolated boulders, they have been protected within a scientific reserve. The most striking aspect of the boulders is their unusually large size and spherical […]

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Wellington, NZ, 2007: From a shoot back in 2007 (or 06)-  not without a couple of major issues (devaster/lightleak).  Shot from a bridge overlooking Wellington’s motorway/autobahn (sic)  Nb. The road maintainence truck on the left (in slo-mo) & the dev’d colours of the German flag… Lubitel 166U/Kodak E100vs 120

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Hokitika, Westcoast, NZ, 2007: Hokitika cemetary on the westcoast of the South Island, where I was searching for some ancestors’ graves…  Thoughts going out for the people of Christchurch and Canterbury after the devastating earthquake that hit today.  R.I.P… Canon EOS 1N/Sigma 24mm



Nelson, New Zealand, 2007: The Seafarer’s Memorial in sunset silhouette…  Canon EOS 1N/Sigma 24mm f2.8

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South Westland, New Zealand, 2007: The Weka is a sturdy brown bird and a species of the rail family. Like the Kiwi it is also flightless and native to Aotearoa.  Maori admired their curiosity and bold personality, this also made them relatively easy to catch…  Canon EOS 1N/Sigma 24mm f2.8

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Petone, Wellington, NZ, 2007: Shooting with the Rikenon 35mm f2.8 lens wide open and focusing on the fore-ground, gives a dreamy look to the back-ground…   Ricoh FF1

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Wellington, New Zealand, 2007: From the Wellington monument atop Mt Victoria, overlooking Evans bay to the airport.  The Ricoh FF1 has a similar design as the famous “Minox”, the lens folds back into the camera when not in use. Its 35mm f2.8 Rikenon lens is damn sharp!    Ricoh FF1

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