Hawera, South Taranaki, NZ, 2011: The final days of the old Hawera Hospital (1925-2012). Demolition was already well underway with at least half the complex already gone. I rigged a compact digital camera onto the hot-shoe of my DSLR to capture on video the state the place and what I was taking photos of- plenty of […]

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Hands Up

Whanganui, New Zealand, 2011: My nephew Mostyn surrenders- to the camera. Handprints of some 6000 people – from newborns to elderly – form the ceramic work Handspan, which now stands as a homage to peace within the area where the Rutland Stockade and Pukenamu Pa once stood. This Peace Sculpture was dedicated to “the promotion […]

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The Centre

New Zealand, Dec 2011: At the close of the Second World War, this former Air Force base was converted into a “Mental Deficiency Colony” to house children deemed ‘backward’. By the mid 1970’s it had become the largest psychopaedic hospital in the southern hemisphere, with a population exceeding 700. The centre was “deinstitutionalisation” in 2005 […]

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Hospitalized – part 3

Hawera, Taranaki, NZ, Dec 2011:  More images documenting the last days of the doomed Hawera Hospital. These were from my third visit to the derelict and semi-demolished former Hospital. Part 1 is here –  part 2 here…  Within a month it would be gone, without a trace…

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Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand, Nov 2011:  Fort Ballance was a coastal artillery battery constructed in the mid 1880’s to defend Wellington from a naval attack. In the aftermath of the Crimean War- there was a real fear (the “Russian Scare”) that New Zealand might come under a naval attack from Russia, or another hostile power… […]

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Seatoun, Wellington, October 2011: Fort Dorset battery was a former coastal artillery station, built to defend the entrance to Wellington Harbour from a possible naval attack. Construction began prior to the First World War- it was occupied and operational through both wars and up untill the mid 1950’s.

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PTA Pt.1

Patea, Taranaki, NZ, December 2011:  The Historic former Patea Hospital (c.1880) still stands in it’s dilapidated state, 22 years after its closure. When the hospital finally closed its doors on December the 5th 1990, it had served the Patea District for over century.    Locals have been complaining for years about the eyesore, demanding the […]

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Taranaki, New Zealand, December 2011:  An old abandoned farmhouse near Pungarehu in Taranaki. This cottage has a lot of character-  and an interesting history for sure…

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