Beirut, Lebanon, Nov 2005: A video capturing some scenes from Beirut back in 2005. Beginning from entering the city from the north [Tripoli], to where I was staying near the former “Green Line“-  the start point for the 2005 Beirut Marathon. The Green Line was a demarcation through central Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War [1975-1990]. It separated the […]

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Holiday In Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon, November 2005: While holidaying in Beirut in 2005- my first venture downtown inevitably ended under the towering, war ravaged hulk of the Holiday Inn… The Holiday Inn was just one of the many hotels that became infamous during the conflict known as the Battle of the Hotels or (Front des Hotels)– a brutal […]

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Beirut, Lebanon, 2005: The seaside promenade in Beirut is known as the Corniche. Lined with palm trees, the waterfront boulevard is a popular place to walk, ride and take in the view and sea air…  It was also a great place for people spotting, watching Beiruties realaxed in peace-time…  Seven months later this reality was […]

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