Brussels, Belgium, 2004:  The inner sanctum of the “Atomium”-  see earlier post.  It still had that futuristic/utopian look- albeit the worse for wear in 2004. Later I discovered it had been closed and renovated in 2005, and now looks all flash. Canon EOS A2E/28-105

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Bruxelles, Belgium, 2004:  The “Atomium” was built in Brussels for the World Fair Expo 1958. It is supposed to represent the shape of an Iron crystal- magnified 165 billion times. My mother visited it touring Europe in 1959-60. Not long after I visited it was closed and refurbished to it’s former glory. This is how […]

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Bruxelles bar

Brussels, Belgium, 2004: Caught this local man relaxing at the end of the day with a drink and the paper. The Olympus XA2 (or XA) is a great camera for discreet shots. Small, low profile, exellent lens and superb metering…  Olympus XA2/Kodak Tri X

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