Giza, Cairo, Egypt, 2005: We were adamant about making our own way out to Giza, rather than taking the easy tourist shuttle. It was a mission… Took the metro out to Giza station and promptly got lost… Wandered around aimlessly for a while before coming across a taxi. The driver was a bit of an […]

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Hokitika, Westcoast, NZ, 2007: Hokitika cemetary on the westcoast of the South Island, where I was searching for some ancestors’ graves…  Thoughts going out for the people of Christchurch and Canterbury after the devastating earthquake that hit today.  R.I.P… Canon EOS 1N/Sigma 24mm



Nelson, New Zealand, 2007: The Seafarer’s Memorial in sunset silhouette…  Canon EOS 1N/Sigma 24mm f2.8

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South Westland, New Zealand, 2007: The Weka is a sturdy brown bird and a species of the rail family. Like the Kiwi it is also flightless and native to Aotearoa.  Maori admired their curiosity and bold personality, this also made them relatively easy to catch…  Canon EOS 1N/Sigma 24mm f2.8

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Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel, 2005: Pilgrims relax within the walls of the Temple Mount… was eventually asked to leave the mount as it was prayer time.  The Israeli government enforces a ban on prayer by non-Muslim visitors, a wishful attempt to keep the status quo…   Canon EOS 1N/Canon 28-135is

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Valle dei templi

Agrigento, Sicily, 2004: The Valle de templi, or Valley of the Temples- is ironically actually situated on a ridge… Did this name originate from some sort of ancient Sicilian-Greek humour…? Agrigento (or ancient Akragas) is a major tourist drawcard. Its buildings are some of the largest and best preserved outside of Greece and are listed […]

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