Bulls, Rangitikei, NZ, March 2012: This iconic water tower at Bulls, has been a well known landmark on SH1 for half a century or so. Looking like a cross between a mushroom and a UFO, it’s always been a favorite structure of mine on the road between Taranaki and Wellington.



Whanganui, New Zealand, December 2012:  A rural Maori chapel and burial ground near Wanganui…

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Petone, Wellington NZ, 2008:  A couple of long exposures shot at the Petone foreshore back in 2008… Canon EOS 30D/17-40 f4 L

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Fort Ballance, Wellington NZ, August 2012:  A long exposure/merged image from a few nights ago. The light streak is from a small plane- light pollution and digital noise make up the rest. Film is so much better for shooting long exposures at night. Digital sensors “heat up” and create hot and burnt out pixels…

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Manawatu, New Zealand, June 2012: An abandoned hall that I think was a small country school fifty years or so ago.. The sign says “enter at your own risk”, I don’t know what the risk is- but might have to find out next time I pass by…

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St James

Newtown, Wellington NZ, March 2012: When it comes to abandonments, it’s hard to beat the forlorn look of a derelict church. The St James Presbyterian church in Newtown was built in the late 19th century, the foundation stone laid in 1900. It’s exterior suggests this place of worship has been left for the dogs, but […]

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Seatoun, Wellington, October 2011: Fort Dorset battery was a former coastal artillery station, built to defend the entrance to Wellington Harbour from a possible naval attack. Construction began prior to the First World War- it was occupied and operational through both wars and up untill the mid 1950’s.

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