Luxor, Egypt, 2005: The old and the new… A traffic sign with the ancient city of Thebes in the background. Egypt is a country full of contrasts and contradictions -not to mention history; and hopefully with the recent unprecedented revolution- a country full of promise…. Canon EOS 55/Canon 28-135is

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Dahab, Sinai, Egypt, 2005: Captured this boy minding the camels on the outskirts of Dahab.  Dahab is a popular tourist destination on the east coast of the Sinai peninsular. It was targeted a few months after I’d visited by a series of suicide bombers-  resulting in the deaths of 23 people. One of the three […]

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Tahrir Square

Cairo, Egypt, 2005: Through the window of the budget hotel I could see some sheep grazing… and Tahrir Square beyond…  I’m hoping Egypt can set an even greater precedent than Tunisia- showing the Arab world that democracy can work and a peaceful transition can be achieved… Viva la Egypt!   Canon EOS 55/Sigma 17-35

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Luxor, Egypt, 2005: Security in Egypt seemed so over-the-top, and often the police more like key-stone cops….   However there was a reason for the heavy security presence. In 1997, at the Temple of Hatshepsut, local terrorists massacred 62 people, mostly tourists…                            Canon EOS 55 / Canon 75-300 / Kodak Gold 100

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Beirut, Lebanon, 2005: The seaside promenade in Beirut is known as the Corniche. Lined with palm trees, the waterfront boulevard is a popular place to walk, ride and take in the view and sea air…  It was also a great place for people spotting, watching Beiruties realaxed in peace-time…  Seven months later this reality was […]

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