Deacon Brodie

Edinburgh, Scotland, 2005: Deacon Brodie, was a Scottish cabinet-maker, deacon of a trades guild, and Edinburgh city councillor, who maintained a secret life as a burglar- partly for the thrill, and partly to fund his gambling. This iconic pub on Edinburgh’s royal mile has been there for years and honors the scoundrel. I finally got around to developing […]

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Edinburgh, Scotland, 1998: A contrasting scene during the Edinburgh Festival street festivities…   Mamiya ZE/Sekor 50mm f1.7

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Edinburgh, Scotland, 1998:  A row of telephone boxes on Edinburgh’s “Royal Mile”.  The man in the fore-ground wasn’t that happy to be in the frame though…   Mamiya ZE/50mm f1.7

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Firth of Forth

Firth of Forth, Scotland, 1997:  The iconic Forth Bridge links Edinburgh- over the waters of the Forth of Firth–  with Fife to the North…  Mamiya ZE/50mm 1.7/Fuji Superia

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