Sinai Peninsular, Egypt, December 2005: A short video documenting an excursion from Dahab on the Gulf of Aquaba- to Mount Sinai in the southern interior part of the peninsular. My travel companion and I were determined to do this independently using local transport, whether it be on the back of a 4WD or on the back of a […]

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Anba Hatre

Aswan, Egypt, Dec 2005: Anba Hatre is an earlier name of the 7th century Coptic Christian monastery of St Simeon- featured here in my previous post. During the exploration I shot some video on a very basic mini-DV camcorder, and due to this being my last tape I edited it all in camera to make […]

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The Monastery

Aswan, Egypt, Dec 2005: After exploring some ancient tombs on the westbank of the Nile (featured here)- we decided to walk across the open desert to the ruined 7th century monastery of St. Simeon. It didn’t look far, but in the heat and harsh enviroment of the desert, it proved to be a bit more […]

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Egypt, Dec 2005: Inspecting some ancient tombs on the westbank of the Nile- across from Aswan. They were completely off the tourist trail and not mentioned in any guidebooks. We eventually found a man who had keys to them and he let us in for a look- after a certain amount of “baksheesh” was paid. […]

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Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, Nov 2005:  The usual way to ascend Mount Sinai is via a group bus trip from Dahab in the late evening- then do the guided tour from about midnight to the summit. The reason being you will be at the top when the sun rises in the east… It’s a cool idea […]

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Luxor, Egypt, 2005: The old and the new… A traffic sign with the ancient city of Thebes in the background. Egypt is a country full of contrasts and contradictions -not to mention history; and hopefully with the recent unprecedented revolution- a country full of promise…. Canon EOS 55/Canon 28-135is

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Giza, Cairo, Egypt, 2005: We were adamant about making our own way out to Giza, rather than taking the easy tourist shuttle. It was a mission… Took the metro out to Giza station and promptly got lost… Wandered around aimlessly for a while before coming across a taxi. The driver was a bit of an […]

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Dahab, Sinai, Egypt, 2005: Captured this boy minding the camels on the outskirts of Dahab.  Dahab is a popular tourist destination on the east coast of the Sinai peninsular. It was targeted a few months after I’d visited by a series of suicide bombers-  resulting in the deaths of 23 people. One of the three […]

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Tahrir Square

Cairo, Egypt, 2005: Through the window of the budget hotel I could see some sheep grazing… and Tahrir Square beyond…  I’m hoping Egypt can set an even greater precedent than Tunisia- showing the Arab world that democracy can work and a peaceful transition can be achieved… Viva la Egypt!   Canon EOS 55/Sigma 17-35

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