World Press Photo

Paris, France, 2004: The World Press Photo awards in Paris (2004) were displayed outdoors, where everyone and anyone could view the past year of photo-journalistic excellence for free. A decade later and the 2014 winners have just been announced. You can view the 98,671 pictures, by 5,754 photographers here.

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Oradour-sur-Glane, France, 2004: The remains of the original village of Oradour-sur-Glane stand today as a memorial to one of the worse atrocities ever to occur in France… On the 10th of June 1944 the 2nd SS Panzer Division (Das Reich)- heading north from Toulouse after the D-Day landings- sealed off the town and ordered all […]

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Hotel du Commerce

Limoges, France, 2004: This hotel in Limoges had seen better days. Here’s to good times ahead for France… Nous ne manquerons pas vous Sarkozy- félicitations et bonne chance Hollande! 

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South West France, 1998: Drive by shooting at the extreme- on the TGV high-speed train…  somewhere between Tours and Bordeaux these Nuclear power-plant cooling towers came into view- albeit very briefly… A TGV train made a world record in 2007 by reaching the speed of…  574.8 kmph/357.2 mph… France is the world leader in domestic […]

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PDL Concorde

Place de la Concorde, Paris, 1998: Hanging around the Place de la Concorde like a tourist, I grabbed this shot of a tourist… opened up aperture to the max… Mamiya Ze/Mamiya 50mm f1.7

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Paris, France, 2004: An outdoor photo expo in Paris. This was probably the last year that the majority of press photographer’s were still shooting film…   Canon EOS 1N/Canon 28-135is

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