Wellington, NZ, November 2013: This 253 meter long former railway tunnel- constructed in the 1870’s- came to the end of it’s working life in 1955 when a replacement tunnel was opened. Apart from a bit of water seeping in through the cracks, it still seems in pretty sound order after all these years.

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Wellington, NZ, yesterday: This former animal testing station lies broken and abandoned after twenty odd years. Theres few clues left as to what experiments went on here- they’ve disappeared like the unfortunate animal test subjects destroyed in the incinerators.

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Pencarrow, Wellington, NZ 2009: My first go at doing an HDR, without much success.  Making an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image is combining a range of different exposures of the exact same scene, into one image.   Issues such as movement, water in this case, can result in blown out highlights-  time I had another go…  […]

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