Burdans Gate, Pencarrow, Wellington, 2011:  An experiment shooting with a Kiev-4m/Jupiter8 on bulb with cable release, on a Cullmann Magnesit Copter mini-tripod, plus holding an ND8 filter in front of the lens… Exposure time approx 3-5 seconds…  Kiev-4m/Jupiter-8/Delta-400/LC-29

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Wellington, NZ, 2011:  Caught this guy floating on the Korokoro stream-  I’m pretty sure he was giving me the fingers…    Kiev-4m/Jupiter-8/Ilford Delta 400

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Wellington, NZ, 2011:  Messing around with shallow depth-of-field with my Kiev-4m.                Kiev 4m/Jupiter-8/Ilford Delta 400

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Wellington, NZ, 2009: A faux-French building in Wellington….it could’ve almost been in Paris… not… Olympus XA/Ilford Delta 400

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