The Bunker

Kau Point, Miramar Peninsular, Wellington NZ, Nov 2012:  In a hole in the ground there lived a… bunker… Returned to Kau Point recently- a year after we had finally located this former hidden battery bunker. It had changed alot- the first time it had felt we were on a horror “found-footage movie set… (see here).  […]

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Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand, Nov 2011:  Fort Ballance was a coastal artillery battery constructed in the mid 1880’s to defend Wellington from a naval attack. In the aftermath of the Crimean War- there was a real fear (the “Russian Scare”) that New Zealand might come under a naval attack from Russia, or another hostile power… […]

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Kau Point

Kau Point, Miramar Peninsular, Wellington, NZ, Nov 2011:  Kau Point Battery is a gun emplacement in Wellington’s inner harbour. It was originally built in the late nineteenth century in preparation for the invasion of the (“white fleet”) Russian Navy. It was still in use during the 1st World War but decomissioned soon after. It’s the […]

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