Hands Up

Whanganui, New Zealand, 2011: My nephew Mostyn surrenders- to the camera. Handprints of some 6000 people – from newborns to elderly – form the ceramic work Handspan, which now stands as a homage to peace within the area where the Rutland Stockade and Pukenamu Pa once stood. This Peace Sculpture was dedicated to “the promotion […]

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Karnak, Luxor, Egypt, 2005: This un-official guide took a lot of convincing for me to take his photo- without paying him baksheesh.  It’s a challenge to make it through the day in Egypt without paying baksheesh-  I made it a personal aim. The term broadly means to pay someone money as a tip or bribe,  […]

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Temple boy

Angkor, Cambodia, 2001: Met this boy while visiting one of the out-lying temples at Angkor.       This was way before the present day mass tourism to Siem Reap and nearby Angkor Wat.  He and about 10 other boys seemed to be residing within the temple complex itself , making a living guiding the few tourists who […]

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The Knitting Man

Istanbul, Turkey, 2005: Caught this man knitting outside the Blue Mosque in Istanbul., an unusual sight.  It took quite a lot of patient negotiating with him to allow me to take the photo-  without paying baksheesh or purchasing one of his hats…   Canon EOS 1N/Canon 28-135is

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