Golden Orb

Queensland, Australia, March 2012: While on a recent holiday in Queensland I had a close call with one of these giant Golden Orb spiders. We’d stopped at the side of the road to stretch our legs when I nearly walked into one of their giant webs… They have a very nasty bite- though not fatal […]

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Sufferers Paradise

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, March 2012: The taxi driver joked, “whad didya think of sufferers paradise mate?” as we drove to the train station… I’d never heard of Surfers Paradise refered to as that.. I replied “okay, but not really my kind of place…” He nodded his head knowingly… “I know whad ya […]

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, March 2012: Just returned from a brief holiday in Australia- hence the lack of activity here. It was great to actually see my show (“Bricks & Mortality”) not to mention have a change of scenery. Didn’t capture many images while away, everything looked too nice- with a few exceptions…

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SmallWorks Gallery, Brisbane, Feb 17-March 17 2012:  “Bricks & Mortality” opens next week in Brisbane.  If you live in the area or are just visiting, why not pop in for a looksee…

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