Krak des Chevaliers

Krak des Chevaliers, Syria, 2005:  A farmer walks his cows past the imposing walls of the 1000 year old Krak des Chevaliers. The castle, originally built in 1031 for the emir of Aleppo, became one of the most strategic fortresses of the Crusades by controlling the road to the Mediterranean.  In 2006 Krak des Chevaliers […]

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Hawera, Taranaki, NZ, 2006: An image shot from the top of Hawera’s iconic water-tower, looking north-west to Mount Taranaki. Canon EOS 1N/Sigma 17-35

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Damascus, Syria, 2005: This dapper young man and his sidekick were quite okay to pose for a photo… Canon EOS D30/Sigma 17-35

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Tahrir Square

Cairo, Egypt, 2005: Through the window of the budget hotel I could see some sheep grazing… and Tahrir Square beyond…  I’m hoping Egypt can set an even greater precedent than Tunisia- showing the Arab world that democracy can work and a peaceful transition can be achieved… Viva la Egypt!   Canon EOS 55/Sigma 17-35

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Valle dei templi

Agrigento, Sicily, 2004: The Valle de templi, or Valley of the Temples- is ironically actually situated on a ridge… Did this name originate from some sort of ancient Sicilian-Greek humour…? Agrigento (or ancient Akragas) is a major tourist drawcard. Its buildings are some of the largest and best preserved outside of Greece and are listed […]

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Karnak, Luxor, Egypt, 2005: This un-official guide took a lot of convincing for me to take his photo- without paying him baksheesh.  It’s a challenge to make it through the day in Egypt without paying baksheesh-  I made it a personal aim. The term broadly means to pay someone money as a tip or bribe,  […]

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