House on the Hill

Rural legend says this house was transported to it’s spectacular hilltop location sometime in the 1980’s. Allegedly the farmer who owned the property, had intended to renovate the house and make it the family home. Apparently though soon after the building was in place, the couple separated and the man was left to bring up […]

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  Carterton, Wairarapa, NZ, March 2014: Two years after the tragic Carterton hot air balloon crash, Balloons Over Wairarapa lifted off again… On January 7th 2012, a scenic hot air balloon flight, collided with a high voltage power line while attempting to land, causing it to catch fire, disintegrate and crash, killing all eleven people […]

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The Hunter

Wairarapa, NZ, yesterday: Met this young local hunter at the beginning of the Rimutaka Rail Trail yesterday. He was pretty quiet at first, then opened up and gave me a detailed breakdown of the lay of the land ahead. With his four pig dogs- GPS collars around their necks- he was heading off-trail into the […]

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For Sale

Greytown, Wairarapa, NZ, April 2012: The long-derelict former Greytown Hospital is up for sale. Buildings on the historic 1.5 hectare site date back to 1890 and followed the old Florence Nightingale open-ward plan. Most of the asbestos has now been removed and the main building earthquake strengthened. The hospital (which closed in 1995) had originally […]

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Wairarapa, New Zealand, today: “Stonehenge Aotearoa” is a modern interpretation of Stonehenge. It differs obviously in many ways, but is similar to what a “perfect” version of Stonehenge would have been if built in this part of the world- albeit in concrete moulding…  Canon EOS 30D/18-55is

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Haunted House

Wairarapa, New Zealand, today:  Saw this derelict house whilst driving around the Wairarapa. It was hard to miss, sitting up high on a barren hill. It kind of reminds me of the house in Hitchcock’s “Psycho”, or the “House on Haunted Hill”. Whether it’s actually haunted or not I don’t know-  but it sure looks […]

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