No Military Parade

In remembrance to all the lives lost, in the many tragic and pointless wars that have raged over the past 100 years. In particular World War 1- (or the Great War)- which began a century ago this year. Yesterday also marks Remembrance Day, the end of hostilities of World War I on that date in 1918. Hostilities formally […]

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Beaufort Castle, Lebanon, November 2005: The Crusader fortress of Beaufort Castle- constructed in the 12th century- has been the focus for countless battles and the home of many occupiers over the centuries… Beaufort (French for “beautiful fortress”) sits atop a 300 meter cliff which declines steeply to the Litani River. Its commanding location, with views […]

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Holiday In Beirut

Beirut, Lebanon, November 2005: While holidaying in Beirut in 2005- my first venture downtown inevitably ended under the towering, war ravaged hulk of the Holiday Inn… The Holiday Inn was just one of the many hotels that became infamous during the conflict known as the Battle of the Hotels or (Front des Hotels)– a brutal […]

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