The Pool

Whanganui, NZ, Dec 2013: This block of land west of Wanganui was gifted to the Nukumaru Domain Board by H G Birch in the 1930’s and named William Birch Park. In 1934 a natural water sourced pool system was built (now known as William Birch Pool) fed by the Ototoka Stream. It was originally utilized as nearby Maxwell […]

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Memorial Cross

Whanganui, NZ, August 2013: For a small country, in population at least- New Zealand has many war memorials. This striking memorial cross near Wanganui commemorates the death of many local country men (both pakeha and Maori)- who fought and lost their lives needlessly in the 1914-1918 war- 18,000 miles away…

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Hands Up

Whanganui, New Zealand, 2011: My nephew Mostyn surrenders- to the camera. Handprints of some 6000 people – from newborns to elderly – form the ceramic work Handspan, which now stands as a homage to peace within the area where the Rutland Stockade and Pukenamu Pa once stood. This Peace Sculpture was dedicated to “the promotion […]

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Whanganui, New Zealand, December 2012:  A rural Maori chapel and burial ground near Wanganui…

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Whanganui, New Zealand, Sept 2012:  This former Hospital and rest home in Wanganui was closed in 2003. The buildings remain in fairly good order despite spots of vandalism.  It’s quite a large facility with nice grounds and location right on the Whanganui river. It’s current status and future is unknown…

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Purnell House

Whanganui, New Zealand, Sept 2012:  From the little I know, Purnell House was originally the accomodation ward for the nearby Wanganui Highschool. Today I’m not sure of it’s use, though it does seem to be semi occupied and has definately seen better days.

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