Kep Man

Kep, Cambodia, 2001. Caught this man gazing out to sea at Kep’s ruined jetty on the south coast. Kep was formerly known as the “Cambodian Riviera” for the French colonial’s prior to the 1970’s- now the mansions were derelict, destroyed and uninhabitated. It was a ghost town and we were the only tourists (stupidly) in town. I was offered/ordered a ride home on a local Khmer Rouges’ moto (declined); had dinner in a shack with a dirt floor and dogs feeding at my feet of un-cooked eggs and baguettes. Back at the “hotel” we were offered a bag of pot (declined). About an hour later I puke my guts out and felt a lot better… Canon EOS 100/Sigma 28-105/Kodak Tri-X

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