Mayday: a photo essay

Dublin, Republic of Ireland, May 1st 2004: The EU summit of 2004 was held in Dublin, and George W.Bush was the biggest name in town (Bono was on holiday). Many seperate groups had organised to march on the meeting at Phoenix park and authories had threatened a tough stance-  a show down was on the cards.  We followed the protest all the way out from the city centre to a point where the Gardai (police) had a set up a carefully planned blockade. A stand-off ensued and the tension rose. A group of blackblok protestors  eventually tried to break through and all hell broke loose.  Dozens were arrested and it was the first time water cannon’s were used in Ireland.   Canon EOS A2E/Sigma 28-105/Canon 75-300/Kodak Tri X 400/Ilford Delta 3200













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