Tartus, Syria, 2005: A rusted mural of the al-Assad’s adorns a wall of an old mill in the seaside town of Tartus.  The al-Assad dynasty of father dictator, Hafez (president 1971-2000); eldest son Basil, (groomed as successor- but killed in a car accident in 1994): and youngest son (and current dictator) Bashar, are also known as the “unholy trinity”. Massacre’s, mass arrests and the torture of innocent protestor’s are happening in Syria every day- made easier by the forced absense of the worlds media…  Canon EOS D30/Sigma 17-35

2 thoughts on “Tartus

  1. He is called a President not a dictator ! show some respect !!! for Syrian at least for Syria that you visiti once , I was in “leave me here blog” nd saw your comment about some phtos you captured in my country .well i get happy for a while and now I’m just surprised …maybe you can write about Israile whose occupies part of my country before you talk about ” absence of the worlds media”..!! talk about absence of The credibility .

    1. Thanks for your comment, but there are many Presidents (both past and present) that are also Dictator’s. I have respect for your country and the amazingly friendly and hospitable Syrians I met. But I also noted the fear many people had of the goverment and the secret police. Perhaps you are unaware that your “President” is now being called a “war criminal”? Is the murder and torture of innocent women and children the actions of a “President? Do you have access to free and unbiased media to gain a broader perspective? Yes, I have been to Israel and I don’t like their occupation of the Westbank and Golan Heights either- not to mention their recent actions in Gaza…

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