Two Years

Ragusa, Sicily, 2004:  I started this website/blog as a half-hearted outlet for all the images I’d accumulated over the past decade or so…  Two years later….. 24,432 hits, 291 posts, 51 categories, 627 tags, 269 comments and 930 images later…..  I’m still going….

So in a celebration of sorts I’m going to do a re-post (re-edit) of the first image published. A sneaky shot of a group of men in the south Sicilian city of Ragusa– who looked (in my imagination) like the local “men of honor” or mafia…  I’d been re-watching “The Godfather” series and the exellent “Sopranos”- and reading many books on the Sicilian mafia (Cosa Nostra)-  in particular Peter Robb’s Midnight in Sicily.  Thanks for dropping by and please stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. Beautiful photos, but I would like to add that it is a bit sad when the very first thing outsiders fixate on is the mafia or so called “Cosa Nostra.” Men sitting outside in the public squares of Sicily is a very common socialization practice throughout the island. Looking through my Sicilian eyes, when I see this picture, I see working men and retired men socializing. I would never think of the mafia, because the majority of us Sicilians do not personally live the mafia experience,we are able to see what is not there. In Sicily, the term Mafia is not used as loosely as it is in the American culture, mafia to us is a reminder of oppression and violence imposed on us for centuries. To Americans instead, and other outsiders,this term is reminiscent of the movies you mentioned and reminiscent of power and glamour. Almost all the Americans I have met, ask me if my family belongs to the mafia, I can see the excitement in the way they ask, and the naivete of our concept of mafia. In our culture it is not a compliment to be thought as a mafioso, it is actually an insult. To make my point, I wish this term would not be used so loosely. This is the only way to stop the perpetuation of this insulting stereotype.

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