Petone, Wellington NZ, July 2012: Scored an original variant of the now famous “Diana” camera recently for just NZD $20. New versions can go for up to $150-$200.

The Diana and it’s many clones were manufactured in Hong Kong in the 1960’s.

Infamous for their dubious construction, soft focus, light leaks and vignetting, they are also celebrated for their impressionistic and artistic results.

In the 1970’s art photographers discovered their interesting attributes- now days the plastic toy camera is more like a fashion accessory.

The Photon seems to be one of the more obscure variants to be produced by the fantastically named “Great Wall Plastic Factory” of Kowloon, Hong Kong.

It’s also one of the better looking models, plus it sports an f8 “superior” lens, 3 apertures, & 1 shutter speed of a 50th/sec. Wow!

It looks like this

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