Wellington, NZ, Dec 2012:  I’ve donated this framed print, a one off monochrome version of “Solo”, for the Phil Jacobs Benefit Auction. As is the way, it looks a lot more impressive in print format (C-type) and framed. It could be yours if you bid for it on New Zealand’s version of Ebay.  It would make a great, if belated Christmas present…  Click this link to go direct to the auction…

I’ve known Phil for a number of years, he lives literally around the corner from me… He’s always been generous with his time, combining his incredible technical ability, with an infectious sense of humour. He’s helped me out on a number of occassion’s, one time fixing a Rolleiflex I had with a sticky shutter. Ten minutes later it was fixed – no charge…


“For more than thirty years Phil Jacobs has been Wellington’s pre-eminent camera repair technician. Almost every photographer who has worked in this city will have used his services at some time or another, and in an indirect but important way he has made a significant contribution to photography as an art form, a business, and a means of personal and social expression. Sadly, Phil is now seriously ill. He has had to cease work and we understand that his life expectancy is limited. This has put him and his family under major financial pressure.

As a benefit for Phil and his family we have organised a photography auction—both a live event that took place on Fri 30 November, and this on-line auction for which we have received generous support from TradeMe.

We have a large number of generously donated photographs. In bidding—and buying!—you will be supporting someone who in his own way has played an important part in our creative and professional lives over several decades.”

Thank you

James Gilberd, Mark Beehre, John Williams


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