Bridge to Nowhere

New Zealand, October 2013:  This historic abandoned suspension bridge is still hanging together a century after its construction. During most of it’s use (1918-1969) it was toll bridge for this busy agricultural area and the longest suspension bridge in the country-  measuring 477 feet (154.39m) between the two concrete towers. Today it still stands defiantly as a reminder of times past, when it was a bridge to somewhere.

bridge1 bridge3 bridge5 bridge6

2 thoughts on “Bridge to Nowhere

  1. Hiya Fergus, great photos. Is this the old bridge in Opiki? If it is, my grandmother grew up there in the 1920’s & 30’s (she’s now 93) and said it was a toll bridge and her father was the toll collector for a few years. It’s amazing that it’s still standing after all that time.

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