Wellington, NZ, 2010: Won an online auction for an Oscar Barnack Leica IIIc at a very low price-  but yeah, it was too good to be true… in rough nic bar for the Summitar 50mm f2.  Cosmetic blemishes aside, the test roll proved my main fear- the cloth shutter curtains had pinhole light-leaks. Kinda made […]

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Wellington, NZ, 2011: A bit of light painting the other night up at Wrights Hill with Darkhalide.  It was a bit hit and miss, but a fantastic windless night to view Wellington from above. Canon EOS 30D/18-55is

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Bobadilla, Andalucia, Spain, 1998: An accidental double exposure in the small Andalucian town of Bobadilla… The only reason I was in in Bobadilla at all was by accident… The train from Valencia had split during the night- my bag was in the section that was heading to Granada…     Mamiya ZE/50mm 1.7

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Surfing the Void

Wellington, NZ, 2010: Japanese Artist Yayoi Kusama’s “Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity” at the City Art Gallery in Wellington. A superb, surreal and exhilarating exhibition… Check out more of her work here… Canon EOS30D/Canon 17-40 L  

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Blur St

Jerusalem, Israel, 2005: This was the fastest shutter speed I could get-  I was hoping it would turn out someting like this…   Canon EOS D30 / Canon 28-135is

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Graffiti point

Wellington, NZ, 2011: Shot some pictures a few nights ago up above Wellington Airport… Simon from Darkhalide had been here before… a slightly dodgy area of Strathmore… an abandoned WW2 era radio relay station/defence bunker network that had been blitzed with graffiti…..                Canon EOS 30D / Canon 18-55is

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Wellington, New Zealand, 2010/2011: This is what happens when you botch-up developing black and white film.  I struggled with loading the film onto the spool, got my fingerprints all over it in the process, couldn’t load the entire roll on the reel, and stuffed up the developing time.  A bit of a “devaster”-  but with […]

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Wellington, New Zealand, 2009: A grafitti laden bunker at an un-disclosed WWII era M.O.D site in Wellington. Interior lit up via torch by Dark Halide. We both started getting the jitters soon after and bailed…   Canon EOS 30D/17-40 f4 L  

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Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 2003: Heraklion, (or Iraklion) is the capital of Crete and the fourth largest city in Greece. The city has had many rulers and been known by many names. For centuries under Venetian rule it was called Candia.  The Ottomans who famously besieged it for 24 years (the longest siege in history) called […]

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