Graffiti point

Wellington, NZ, 2011: Shot some pictures a few nights ago up above Wellington Airport… Simon from Darkhalide had been here before… a slightly dodgy area of Strathmore… an abandoned WW2 era radio relay station/defence bunker network that had been blitzed with graffiti…..                Canon EOS 30D / Canon 18-55is


5 thoughts on “Graffiti point

  1. awesome. i know exactly where this is at. have you been to the old gun emplacements over closer by red rock? beautiful view of welly up there as well. some well-done graffiti as well.

    enjoying the site.

    shane ( )

  2. Yeah it’s a mean as place. The acoustics in those bunkers are pretty awesome too. Me and some friends were entertaining the idea of hiking up there with our guitars and instruments and throwing a little concert party sometime haha.

  3. Hey great photos!! Ive just been to the bunker yesterday for the first time. It is truly amazing up there. The atomosphere, the breathtaking view and the brilliant art. Loved it up there!! Thank you for sharing your photographs.

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