Petone, NZ, 2009: Before the Holga, and even the Diana, was the “Isoly”… The Agfa Isoly was an inexpensive and simple plastic camera made by Agfa in the 1960’s. Shooting 12 frames (4″/4″)on 120 film, it’s plastic lens produces dreamy, pastoral, & slightly out of focus images. It is generally agreed that the Hong Kong […]

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Seaview, Wellington, NZ, 2011:  ………………………….   Kiev-4m/Jupiter-8/Delta-400/LC-29

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Wellington, NZ, 2011:  A double-exposure, not quite planned- but hey, go figure….    Olympus XA3/Ilford Delta 3200

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Wellington, NZ, 2007: From a shoot back in 2007 (or 06)-  not without a couple of major issues (devaster/lightleak).  Shot from a bridge overlooking Wellington’s motorway/autobahn (sic)  Nb. The road maintainence truck on the left (in slo-mo) & the dev’d colours of the German flag… Lubitel 166U/Kodak E100vs 120

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Wellington, NZ, 2010: Won an online auction for an Oscar Barnack Leica IIIc at a very low price-  but yeah, it was too good to be true… in rough nic bar for the Summitar 50mm f2.  Cosmetic blemishes aside, the test roll proved my main fear- the cloth shutter curtains had pinhole light-leaks. Kinda made […]

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Casa Mila

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain, 1998: Double-exposured Gaudi’ “Casa Mila” on debut visit to Barcelona in 1998… had a mad few days…    Mamiya ZE/50 1.7

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Bobadilla, Andalucia, Spain, 1998: An accidental double exposure in the small Andalucian town of Bobadilla… The only reason I was in in Bobadilla at all was by accident… The train from Valencia had split during the night- my bag was in the section that was heading to Granada…     Mamiya ZE/50mm 1.7

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Kingdom Come… and gone…

Mirimar peninsular, Wellington, 2010: The rotting set for the beleaguered film “Kingdom Come” has been dismantled. The $180 million dollar feature about the life of Jesus was scheduled to be shot in 2009, but ran into financial difficulty soon after… It seems we may have been saved- at least for now- from another Jesus epic…  […]

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