Stand Up

Wellington, NZ, Sept 2011:  A grab shot of a TV news “stand up” at the Rugby World Cup fan zone the other day….  Canon EOS 30D

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Photospace, Wellington, 2011:  Darkhalide exiting Photospace looking a little bit like a Ninja on a mission… He just happens to be 37 aswell…   Mamiya ZM/Mamiya 35mm f2.8/Fuji Superia 400 



Prague, Czech Republic, 2005: A contrasting shot in the old town… Local boys make first contact with an African street cleaner-  the Moser Gallery and an interested onlooker in the background…  Canon EOS 1N/28-135is 

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Zardar, Croatia, 2002:       Canon EOS 100/Sigma 28-105/Ilford Delta 3200  

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Dublin, Ireland, 2003:  Commuters awaiting a train at Pearse St station in Dublin. This is one of the many reasons I love the Olympus XA2-  being able to take sneaky shots in difficult light, yet still get well exposed & sharp images. This is straight off the scan- no edits…   Olympus XA2/Kodak Tri-X

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Wellington, New Zealand, 2010:  Pigeons are part of the bird family Columbidae. They are an incredibly adaptable bird, having now colonised most parts of the world. They are also considered a plague in many cities- “rat’s with wings” being a common description. The “half-frame camera” emerged from Japan in the 1960s.  It allowed for a […]

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Tartus, Syria, 2005:  The French legacy in Syria is still apparent 60 odd years later…  France occupied Syria and Lebanon between the First and Second World Wars, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. French is still widely spoken in the region, particularly in Lebanon. I think La Vieille means “old woman” -or just old. The […]

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