Taita, Wellington, NZ, last week:  I’ve noticed a few fire gutted houses around the place recently. Spotted the remains of this place last week. A quick google search (confirmed by google maps), found that police suspect this house had been burgled prior to being set alight….  

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Damascus, Syria, November 2005:  With the escalating crisis in Syria and it’s spiral into civil war, it’s about time I posted some more images from Syria in 2005… Of the seven countries I visited in my late 2005 Athens to Cairo overland trip- over half are now going through dramatic changes… Lebanon was once again […]

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Hotel du Commerce

Limoges, France, 2004: This hotel in Limoges had seen better days. Here’s to good times ahead for France… Nous ne manquerons pas vous Sarkozy- félicitations et bonne chance Hollande! 

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Two Years

Ragusa, Sicily, 2004:  I started this website/blog as a half-hearted outlet for all the images I’d accumulated over the past decade or so…  Two years later….. 24,432 hits, 291 posts, 51 categories, 627 tags, 269 comments and 930 images later…..  I’m still going…. So in a celebration of sorts I’m going to do a re-post […]

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Hare Krsna

Praha, Czech Republic, May 2005: These Hare Krishna acolytes in downtown Prague seemed to generate a lot more interest (or controversy)- than in any other city I’ve seen them in… Canon EOS 1N/28-135is/Fuji neg

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Ghost Town

Kayaköy, Turkey, Oct 2005:  This was my second visit to Kayaköy, the ghost town near Fetiye in South Western Turkey.  Kayaköy is built on the ancient Greek village of Carmylessus and existed up until the population exchanges of 1922/3. Anatolian Greeks had lived here since antiquity… After the invading Greek’s defeat to Turkey in the […]

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Wellington, October 2011:  Spotted this random pair of footwear while street-shooting the other week. Someone obviously thought they required downsizing…   Canon EOS 30D/18-55is 

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Skopje, Macedonia, 2002:  Skopje has been inhabited since at least 4000 BC. Under the Roman’s it was known as Scupi, the Ottoman Turks called it Üsküp during their five hundred year occupation…At the conclusion of the Second World War, Skopje became the capital of the Socialist Federal Republic of Macedonia. The city developed rapidly but […]

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