Black Cat

Puerta Banus, Spain, 1998:  This black cat kinda looks dead- but it was just stretching in the sun… Mamiya ZE/50mm f1.7

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Bobadilla, Andalucia, Spain, 1998: It was completely by accident I visited Bobadilla at all… We’d caught a night-train from the west coast at Valencia, to Granada in the south. We made the mistake of catching it on a Friday night, on a long weekend. It got really stuffy and intense in the compartment with the […]

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Edinburgh, Scotland, 1998: A contrasting scene during the Edinburgh Festival street festivities…   Mamiya ZE/Sekor 50mm f1.7

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Camden, London, 1998:  I had a pub job for a couple of months on Camden high street. Living up-stairs gave me the opportunity for some interesting shots-  it was a mad time in Camden town!  Irn-Bru is a bright orange soft drink- the name originates from it’s connections with the Scottish Steel/Iron works where it […]

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Edinburgh, Scotland, 1998:  A row of telephone boxes on Edinburgh’s “Royal Mile”.  The man in the fore-ground wasn’t that happy to be in the frame though…   Mamiya ZE/50mm f1.7

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Paris, April 1998:  A shot from my first visit to Paris.  I think it’s from Pere Lachaise Cemetery….  Mamiya ZE/Sekor 50mm f1.7  

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Tangier, Morocco, 1998: After running the gauntlet of taxi-drivers, touts and scam artists at the port- I eventually found the hotel where William S. Burroughs wrote “Naked Lunch”. Tangiers wasn’t exactly a tourist destination at the time, it was still living up to it’s time honored debauched reputation.  No issue getting a room at the […]

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South West France, 1998: Drive by shooting at the extreme- on the TGV high-speed train…  somewhere between Tours and Bordeaux these Nuclear power-plant cooling towers came into view- albeit very briefly… A TGV train made a world record in 2007 by reaching the speed of…  574.8 kmph/357.2 mph… France is the world leader in domestic […]

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Cabo de São Vicente, Portugal, 1998: The south-western most point of Europe- formerly known as the “end of the Earth”… Biked out there from Sagres, to the place many famous “discoverers” allegedly looked out from…Vasco de Gama, Magellan, and even Columbus himself.. Mamiya ZE/50

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