Bobadilla, Andalucia, Spain, 1998: It was completely by accident I visited Bobadilla at all… We’d caught a night-train from the west coast at Valencia, to Granada in the south. We made the mistake of catching it on a Friday night, on a long weekend. It got really stuffy and intense in the compartment with the four Spaniards, so we went to the dining car. We chilled out with the fresh air and wrote some postcards etc then must have crashed.. A few minutes later (or more like an hour or two) we were awoken by the conductor…  Click this for a previous post….

After much confusion, a guy from Malaga (who had been staying at the hostel), jumped in and interpreted. Turned out that the train had just split- one half going to Granada etc-  the other to Malaga…  We were on the wrong half-  and so were our bags….

After a heated exchange, our man from Malaga managed to tame the conductor and persuade him to call ahead and explain the situation.  Eventually we were told to disembark at Bobadilla and wait for the Seville to Granada express. We had an hour or so to kill-  a la photographs. A couple of hours later we finally arrived in Granada-  and you wouldn’t believe it- so did our backpacks!   Mamiya ZE/Mamiya-Sekor 50mm f1.7

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