Brussels, Belgium, 2004:  The inner sanctum of the “Atomium”-  see earlier post.  It still had that futuristic/utopian look- albeit the worse for wear in 2004. Later I discovered it had been closed and renovated in 2005, and now looks all flash. Canon EOS A2E/28-105

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London, 2004: Had one of those super-cheap flight’s out of London (Stanstead) to Palermo in Sicily. The catch was… it left at six in the morning. So we got a late flight in from Dublin and killed a bit of time, then wandered around looking for a place to doss for a few hours. It […]

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Dublin, Ireland, 2004: During the demonstrations of Mayday 2004 (see previous) I caught this image of a rather defiant couple. They acted completely oblivious to what was going on behind their backs… 10 minutes later the police charged- I got away but very much doubt they did… Canon EOS5/28-105/Tri-X

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Bruxelles, Belgium, 2004:  The “Atomium” was built in Brussels for the World Fair Expo 1958. It is supposed to represent the shape of an Iron crystal- magnified 165 billion times. My mother visited it touring Europe in 1959-60. Not long after I visited it was closed and refurbished to it’s former glory. This is how […]

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South Taranaki, New Zealand, 2004: Cows are bizarre looking creatures when you take a closer look-  particularly in Taranaki where they are literally part of the landscape… Cows/cattle are the most common species of the genus Bos. The name cattle was borrowed from the old French word catel, meaning ‘moveable personal property’. The term is […]

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Dublin, Ireland, 2004: Smithfield horse market is held on the first sunday of every month. At approximately 400 years old, it is one of the longest (and most controversial) horse fairs in the world… The Smithfield area was given a facelift in the late 1990’s to accomodate the denizens of Ireland’s new found economic wealth. […]

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Valle dei templi

Agrigento, Sicily, 2004: The Valle de templi, or Valley of the Temples- is ironically actually situated on a ridge… Did this name originate from some sort of ancient Sicilian-Greek humour…? Agrigento (or ancient Akragas) is a major tourist drawcard. Its buildings are some of the largest and best preserved outside of Greece and are listed […]

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