Bruxelles bar

Brussels, Belgium, 2004: Caught this local man relaxing at the end of the day with a drink and the paper. The Olympus XA2 (or XA) is a great camera for discreet shots. Small, low profile, exellent lens and superb metering…  Olympus XA2/Kodak Tri X

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pink boutique

Paris, France, 2004: This super pink boutique shop caught my eye while wandering the streets of Montmartre…  Canon EOS 1n/Canon 28-135is/Fuji Sensia

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Paris, France, 2004: An outdoor photo expo in Paris. This was probably the last year that the majority of press photographer’s were still shooting film…   Canon EOS 1N/Canon 28-135is

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Mayday: a photo essay

Dublin, Republic of Ireland, May 1st 2004: The EU summit of 2004 was held in Dublin, and George W.Bush was the biggest name in town (Bono was on holiday). Many seperate groups had organised to march on the meeting at Phoenix park and authories had threatened a tough stance-  a show down was on the […]

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Mime of Montmatre

Paris, France, 2004: Montmartre was the stamping ground of Monet, Dali, van Gogh, Picasso etc… In 2004 it was more of a tourist side-show…    Canon EOS 1N/Canon 28-135is/Fuji Sensia 100

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