Little India, Singapore, 2001: Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple on Serangoon Road…  Canon EOS 100, Sigma 28-105

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Skopje , Republic of Macedonia, 2002:  The Vardar river flows through Skopje south to the Greek border and the Aegaen sea beyond… These cyclist’s look kinda sifty- like they really didn”t want their photo taken…               Canon EOS 100 / Sigma 28-105

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Novi Sad

Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia, 2002: I felt like the only tourist in town, I probably was… I was still recovering from the drilling I got at the border and deserved a treat, so I splashed out on a room in a hotel overlooking the square.  Is it me or does that statue look like it […]

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Ljubljana, Slovenia,2002: At the tail end of winter 2002 I began a circular journey around the former Yugoslavia…  Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia was the first stop… It had began snowing as soon as the train had crossed the border from Trieste (Italy). Accomodation was difficult to find, but eventually I found a bed in […]

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Ohrid men

Ohrid, Macedonia, 2002. A trio of men  fish at Ohrids wharf. Ohrid is situated on the shores of Lake Ohrid in the south of the  Republic of Macedonia, near the border with Albania…  I stayed with a local family for the few days I was there, they were incredibly hospitable. This small and picturesque lake-side […]

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Rhodes, Greece, 2003: Red poppies line the massively fortified walls of Rhodes city. In spring 2003 I landed in Rhodes after being stranded on Crete for days due to heavy seas. A wild 12 hour ferry ride in still rough seas (you know it’s not normal when even the locals look worried) got me to […]

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Temple boy

Angkor, Cambodia, 2001: Met this boy while visiting one of the out-lying temples at Angkor.       This was way before the present day mass tourism to Siem Reap and nearby Angkor Wat.  He and about 10 other boys seemed to be residing within the temple complex itself , making a living guiding the few tourists who […]

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