Skopje, Macedonia, 2002:  Skopje has been inhabited since at least 4000 BC. Under the Roman’s it was known as Scupi, the Ottoman Turks called it Üsküp during their five hundred year occupation…At the conclusion of the Second World War, Skopje became the capital of the Socialist Federal Republic of Macedonia. The city developed rapidly but […]

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Crime Scene

Dublin, Ireland, 2002:   A chalk outline marks out a crime scene along-side the river Liffey. Someone’s idea of a joke, or the real deal..?  Canon EOS 100/28-105

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Belgrade, Serbia, 2002:  The Yugoslav Ministry of Defence building in Belgrade was considered a masterpiece of post-war architecture. It was bombed along with many other “strategic” buildings in Belgrade and elsewhere in The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the 1999 Nato bombing campaign.Most of the major bridges across the Danube in Serbia were also targeted, […]

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Belgrade, Serbia, 2002:  Found these unexploded missiles and bombs (UXO) whilst wandering around the grounds of the Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade.  The Nato bombing of Kosovo and Serbia three years prior (March-June 1999) successfully forced the Yugoslav military to retreat from Kosovo, preventing another atrocity like Bosnia.   Canon EOS 100/28-105/Kodak Tri-X  

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Border Country

Poipet, Cambodia, 2001:  Crossing from Thailand into Cambodia was via an invisible line where the towns of Aranyaprathet (Thai) and Poipet (Cambodian) straddled the border.  There was a visa scam at Cambodian passport control regarding whether you had particular vaccinations (yellow fever)-  like it mattered… I managed to get through without paying a bribe by […]

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Split, Dalmatia, Croatia. 2002:  1 Dalmatian, make that 2… You know what they say about a dog and its owner…?    Canon  EOS 100/28-105mm

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Window smoker

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2002: Grabbed this shot of a window smoker while wandering along Dubrovnik’s old city walls…   Canon EOS 100/Canon EF 75-300mm

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Rijeka, Croatia, 2002: I was only in Rijeka for a couple of days, but found it a great place for street shooting. Canon EOS 100/Canon EF 75-300mm

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Zardar Wedding

Zardar, Croatia, 2002: Had a quiet time in Zardar on the Dalmatian coast- the most excitement being a passing wedding car convoy blasting their horns…   Canon EoS 100/75-300mm

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