Wellington, 2014-15: Some random double exposures shot on 35mm transparency film (in 2 cameras), then cross processed- hence the triple(x) exposure title. Straight out of the camera- no edits. Camera’s: Olympus XA & Yashica Electro 35 CC    Film: Fuji Velvia 100F

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An accidental double exposure in camera- results in a rather interesting self portrait.    Olympus XA / Ilford XP2

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Petone, NZ, 2009: Before the Holga, and even the Diana, was the “Isoly”… The Agfa Isoly was an inexpensive and simple plastic camera made by Agfa in the 1960’s. Shooting 12 frames (4″/4″)on 120 film, it’s plastic lens produces dreamy, pastoral, & slightly out of focus images. It is generally agreed that the Hong Kong […]

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Seaview, Wellington, NZ, 2011:  ………………………….   Kiev-4m/Jupiter-8/Delta-400/LC-29

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Wellington, NZ, 2011:  A double-exposure, not quite planned- but hey, go figure….    Olympus XA3/Ilford Delta 3200

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Dublin double-exposed

Dublin/Athens, Aug/Oct, 2005: In August 2005 I went to the semi-final of the All-Ireland hurling championship at Croke Park, Dublin. Against the odds,  Galway claimed an upset win over firm favorites Kilkenny. At the time I took a few photos on my trusty Olympus XA2, loaded with Fuji Sensia slide film. I must have rewound […]

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Slightly out-of-focus

Pencarrow, Wellington, 2006: A double exposure shot on Wellington’s rugged East Harbour. It was along this coast on the 10th of April 1968, that the majority of the survivors of the “Wahine” ferry disaster made it to shore alive, or met their deaths. It is New Zealand’s worst modern maritime disaster, fifty-one people lost their […]

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