Wellington, New Zealand, 14th November 2016: A drive-by shoot in Wellington CBD, not long after the 7.5 magnitude Earthquake that shook New Zealand awake just after midnight.



Bulls, Manawatu, Whanganui, March 2012: Clocked this place in Bulls–  something just didn’t look quite right… I backed up the car and took a couple of shots…

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Stratford, Taranaki, NZ, March 2012:  Draw your own conclusions on this image… bearing in mind that times have been tough- plus Christmas wasn’t that long ago…

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East Slavonia, Croatia, 2002:  On the road to Vukovar, the most devastated city in Europe since World War II. The Balkan’s version of Stalingrad. I was just about to end up in a rather difficult situation…  See what happened next…      Olympus XA2  

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Drive-By Shooting (in colour)

Wellington, New Zealand, 8th October 2010: More drive-by shooting action, but in colour… Could be more DBS coming up soon as its an easy, if lazy way of getting some potentially great street shots. I came upon the (probably not wholly original) idea a while ago, but have not really put it much into practice, […]

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Drive-By Shooting (mono)

Wellington, New Zealand, 8th October 2010: Did a bit of drive-by shooting last Friday-  with my camera as the gun…   Simon from Dark Halide was at the wheel as we sped through town…  It’s handy if you have a hi-speed/burst mode on your camera (like the 30D’s 6fps) but not essential…   What would […]

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Vukovar, Croatia, 2002: Vukovar was utterly destroyed after a three month seige against the mostly Croat defenders by the Serb-dominated Yugoslav Army (JNA) in November 1991. Some estimates are that Serb gunners fired a million shells into Vukovar destroying 15,000 buildings. It was the first European city since WWII entirely leveled to the ground, it […]

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